John F Kennedy Hospital - Poor Conduct

Palm Springs, California 1 comment
Not resolved

I traveling to Yuma, AZ got sick went to John f.Kennedy Indio, Ca was admitted a laboratory assistant by the name Cristina was collecting blood sample at one point I ask what was the test and for what.

Very nasty respond, doctor order it. I ask well can you tell me what test are they doing? she said,I am not your doctor or nurse and can not tell you and turn around turn of the light and left. A simple polite respond would of made it.

Sad how hospital personnel can be so inconsiderate and so disrespectful.Helpless



That was againgst your patient rights all health are to receive a copy of these .YOU have the right to know what test are being performed and the right to refuse .You amy need to speakto the admin of the hospital or lab at the least or contact agency of professional regulations and report this .you can do this online with your states official website ;)

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